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Volume 8 Issue 3


Feasibility study of different methods of energy extraction from Ardebil urban waste 

Mohammad Nikbakht, Hossein Saadati and Ebrahim Fataei 

Journal of Research in Biology (2018) 8(3): 2451-2464 

Keywords: Energy extraction of waste, Landfill gas, Anaerobic digestion, Waste incinerator, Gasification  


A comparative study of water productivity in joint stock and agricultural companies in relation to the squireen of neighboring villages to optimize water consumption in the agricultural sector (case study: Torbt-e Jam)

Gholam Ahmad Goharshahi, Abolfazl Haghparast, Mohammad Ebrahime and Mahbanoo Azimitabas

Journal of Research in Biology (2018) 8(3): 2465-2472 

Keywords: Water productivity, Joint stock and agricultural companies, System of squireen 


The effect of aggregates stability and physico-chemical properties of gullies’ soil: a case study of Ghori-chai watershed in the Ardabil province, Iran

Akbar Norouzi Shokrlu, Mehdi Pajoohesh and Behnam Farid Gigloo

Journal of Research in Biology (2018) 8(3): 2473-2485 

Keywords: Aggregate stability, Geometric Mean Diameter (GMD), Mean Weight Diameter (MWD), Soil sensitivity, R software