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About - Journal of Research in Biology


> 250 editors

We have more than 250 editors form about 20 countries. They contribute knowledge and share time to shape the journal in an elite form and structure. We have copy editors, English editors, Technical Editors, Assistant Editors and Associate editors at different hierarchies to oversee the process of article publication. Finally, the article is approved by the Executive editor to the managing editor for publishing the text in both hard and soft copies.


> 100 reviewers

We follow double blind peer review for the successful reviewing of the texts. We do English reviews, reference reviews, conceptual reviews, peer reviews, plagiarism check-up, technical review, scientific review, formative error look-up, conflicts look-up, social impact look-up, etc.
We have more than sufficient paid staffs in our office for looking after general reviews.


> 500 authors

We have elite authors who contribute serious research to the world. We have lost many authors from 2011 onwards who merely love to publish but not with serious intrusion towards the subject and provisionally love to publish the article within a limited time without a peer review. Only those who love our peer review and standards are our repeated authors.

Designers and Computer Professionals

3 professionals

We have a crew consisting of three to look after the design, update and indexing/abstracting of the journal. They take care of the issues regarding online support for the journal and provide the latest technology for the better of the journal.

Spreading of Research

Online and offline.

We maintain both online and offline copy of a journal. All hardcopies can be obtained from the journal office upon raising a request. Also, we regularly disseminate hardcopies to various libraries upon request, where they are preserved.

Elite articles with neat format

Clear and error free publication.

We publish articles only if they are with sound technical and scientific backend. We never go for publishing spoofed articles for mere money. We neglect authors those who insist publishing without peer reviews. We also retract articles as per COPE guidelines if queries are raised and confirmed as they were with serious errors.

Open Access

Spreading of research for free of cost.

We publish our articles under the creative commons license agreement. Moreover, we understand that the article is a product of the author, but on publishing it, the rights are also shared with the publisher; so we obtain certain publishing rights from the author through an agreement form at the time of submission.

Unlimited citations

Usage of our text by various other authors.

We have enormous citations that can be tracked easily through Google Scholar. Citation strength provides stability to a journal and we take new steps to spread research to more researchers so that it can be easily disseminated on their table to read and use it for reference. We are improving every day better so as to get more citations and an Impact factor.

Journal of Research in Biology is an international scientific research journal which publishes research studies in biology and its relative area. Journal of Research in Biology offers fast publication schedule and all the research articles published are peer-reviewed. Our board of editors and peer - reviewers follow standards set by the World Association of Medical Editors and CBE. Journal of Research in Biology is published every month online.

The journal accepts the following type of scientific communication.

Regular Research articles: These should elaborate new and carefully confirmed findings, and experimental procedures should be given in sufficient detail for others to verify the work. The length of a full paper should be the minimum required to describe and interpret the work clearly.

General Reviews: These should cover all aspects of research findings on the topic hitherto and should be an overall summary of the topic chosen for review.

Short Communications: A Short Communication is suitable for recording the results of complete small investigations or giving details of new models or hypotheses, innovative methods, techniques or apparatus.

Mini-review: Submissions of mini-reviews and perspectives covering topics of current interest are welcome and encouraged. Mini-reviews are also peer-reviewed.

Authors publishing with Journal of Research in Biology retain the copyright to their work; all research articles and images are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License. This license allows the article/image to be downloaded from the website, copied and distributed as long as the original content is left unmodified.     


We will reply you within a maximum of 48 hours of time.