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Volume 7 Issue 5


The effect of regular home visits on the development indices of low birth weight infants

Raziyeh Peyghambar Doust, Zeinab Fadaei and Habib Allah Sodaei Zunuzagh

Journal of Research in Biology (2017) 7(5): 2296-2305 

Keywords: Low weight infant, Home visit, Evolutionary indices


The investigation of the students' attitude and consciousness degree regarding the pregnancy health in 2013 in Eastern-Azerbaijan Province

Robab Kazem Pour and Katayun Vakilian

Journal of Research in Biology (2017) 7(5): 2306-2315 

Keywords: Students' attitude, Consciousness degree, Pregnancy 


Evaluating the effect of humic acid on the yield of three varieties of potato under field conditions

Mohammad Fadaee and Elham Bagherzadeh

Journal of Research in Biology (2017) 7(5): 2316-2320

Keywords: Potatoes, Humic acid, Yield, Tuber, Potato cultivars