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Volume 8 Issue 3


Feasibility study of different methods of energy extraction from Ardebil urban waste 

Mohammad Nikbakht, Hossein Saadati and Ebrahim Fataei 

Journal of Research in Biology (2018) 8(3): 2451-2465 

Keywords: Waste, Energy extraction of waste, Landfill gas, Anaerobic digestion, Waste incinerator, Gasification  


A comparative study of water productivity in joint stock and agricultural companies in relation to the squireen of neighboring villages in order to optimize water consumption in the agricultural sector

Gholam Ahmad Goharshahi, Abolfazl Haghparast, Mohammad Ebrahime and Mahbanoo Azimitabas

Journal of Research in Biology (2018) 8(3): 2466-2473 

Keywords: Water productivity, Joint stock and agricultural companies, System of squireen