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Volume 8 Issue 6


Identification of dust storm sources area using Ackerman index in Kermanshah province, Iran  

Mahsa Karimi, Jafar Oladi Ghadikolaei and Jahangir Mohammadi 

Journal of Research in Biology (2018) 8(6): 2534-2543 

Keywords: Dust source area, MODIS sensor, Gaussian plum diffusion model  


Reproductive potential of Algerian she-camel for meat production - A Case of the Region of Souf

Zakaria Brahimi, Bezziou Said and Senoussi Abdelhakim

Journal of Research in Biology (2018) 8(6): 2544-2549 

Keywords: Algeria, Meat, Productivity, Reproduction, Southeast, She-camel


Evaluation of natural regeneration of Prunus africana (Hook.f.) Kalkman in the operating sites of the province of North Kivu at the Democratic Republic of Congo

Kambale Muhesi and Jean-Pierre Mate M

Journal of Research in Biology (2018) 8(6): 2550-2557 

Keywords: Prunus africana, Biodiversity, Distribution of plants, Regeneration, African montane forests