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Volume 8 Issue 2


Examining the effective factors on mistrust towards organizational change and relationship of these factors with organizational health (personnel of Sina, Shariati, and Imam Khomeini hospital) 

Zahra Khademian Moghari 

Journal of Research in Biology (2018) 8(2): 2425-2434 

Keywords: Mistrust to organizational changes, Stimulators, Organizational health  


Improving the emission rates of CO, NO, NO2 and SO2, the gaseous contaminants, and suggesting executive solutions for accessing standard qualifications - A case study of Bandar Emam Khomeini

Omolbanin Koohgivi

Journal of Research in Biology (2018) 8(2): 2435-2444 

Keywords: Air contaminant, Gaseous contaminant, Contaminant emission, Environmental standards, Shahid Tondgouyan petrochemical company


In silico, structural, electronic and magnetic properties of colloidal magnetic nanoparticle Cd14FeSe15 

Elham Fereydouni and Rostam Moradian 

Journal of Research in Biology (2018) 8(2): 2445-2450 

Keywords: Functional density theory, iron impurities, nanoparticles CdSe, GGA approximation