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Volume 7 Issue 4


Clay mineralogy and sediment grain-size variations as climatic signals in southern part of Urmia Lake cores, North West of Iran

Shohreh Erfan, Khalil Rezaei, Razieh Lak and Seyed Mohsen Aleali 

Journal of Research in Biology (2017) 7(4): 2266-2281 

Keywords: Sediment, Grain size, Clay mineral, Climate, Urmia lake


Determination of heavy metal pollution in water, soil and plants of vegetable gardens in Ardabil 

Hassan Attarnia and Ebrahim Fatai

Journal of Research in Biology (2017) 7(4): 2282-2289 

Keywords: Bioaccumulation, Cadmium, Lead, Spinach, Cress, Ardabil


Evaluation of anti-bacterial potential of protein isolated from the muscle of Channa striatus 

Haniffa MA, Jeya Sheela P and Dhasarathan P

Journal of Research in Biology (2017) 7(4): 2290-2295 

Keywords: Channa striatus, Antibacterial activity, MIC and MBC