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Volume 7 Issue 2


Evaluate marketability of ten selected genotypes of tomato under subtropical climate conditions  

Seyed Morteza Zahedi 

Journal of Research in Biology (2017) 7(2): 2184-2187 

Keywords: Genotype, Marketability, Sensory laboratory evaluation


Effect of eight-week aerobic exercises in 10 to 12 years old overweight girls

Derakhshan Nejad M, Habibi AH and Ghanbarzadeh M

Journal of Research in Biology (2017) 7(2): 2188-2195 

Keywords: Aerobic exercise, Overweight, WHR and BMI


Foliar application of seaweed extracts as a means for enhancing the yield and safety of Triticum aestivum

Salimi A, Shahbazi F, Seyyed Nejad SM and Gilani A

Journal of Research in Biology (2017) 7(2): 2196-2204 

Keywords: Seaweed, Triticum aestivum, Ulva fasciata, Fertilizer