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Journal of Research in Biology

ISSN: Print: 2231 –6280; Online: 2231- 6299.
A Journal that is extensively indexed, peer reviewed and Open Access.

Featured Articles

(Researches in Biology and Medicine)

Activity of alpha amylase in the tracheobronchial secretions of patients without morbid salivary aspiration

DU No: RA0588

Edmilton Pereira de Almeida, Marta Cristina Duarte, Jorge Montessi, Anelise Almeida Cocate, Felipe Freesz Almeida, Carlos Augusto Gomes and Lincoln Eduardo VV de Castro Ferreira

Journal of Research in Biology (2016) 6(2): 1959-1966 

In vitro and In vivo potentiation of ampotericin-B by flavonoid against different fungal strains  

DU No: RA0589

Zahid Mahmood, Vijeshwar verma, Inshad Ali khan and Mohmmad Afzal Zargar

Journal of Research in Biology (2016) 6(4): 2034-2040

Lung parasites of the genus Metastrongylus Molin, 1861 (Nematoda: Metastrongilidae) in wild boar (Suc Scrofa Barbarus) in Middle Atlas Region of Morocco: an epidemiological study

DU No: RA0597

Amayour A

Journal of Research in Biology (2016) 6(3): 2020-2025

Knowledge of diseases and animal control methods at the Grand Kanem in Chad.

DU No: RA0455

Ban-Bo Bebanto Antipas, Mian-Oudanang Koussou, Mopate Logténé Youssouf, Nakour Nargaye and Brahim Guihini.

Journal of Research in Biology (2014) 4(5): 1387-1396 

Anti-Diabetic potential of herbal remedies on the Glucose Transport Gene (GLUT) in liver and skeletal muscles.

DU No: RA0574 

Waleed M. Al-Shaqha.
Journal of Research in Biology (2015) 5(7): 1885-1895  

The role of alcohol in the spread of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in Côte d'Ivoire: Case Abidjan.

DU No: RA0573 

Koffi Mathias YAO, Niangoran François BAKOU, Kobenan Fiéni Jean-Baptiste ADOU, Abdoulaye BÂ, Pékani Antoine CAMARA, Némé Antoine TAKO and Bialli SERI.

Journal of Research in Biology (2015) 5(8):1896-1908 

Determination of the hypotensive effect of aqueous extracts from Anacardium occidentale Linn. (Anacardiaceae).

DU No: RA0572

Ouga Stanislas ZAHOUI, Koffi Mathias YAO, Tianga yaya SORO, BI Semi Anthelme NENE and Flavien TRAORE.

Journal of Research in Biology (2015) 5(8):1909-1921 

Influence of alcohol on the vigilance levels for a driving test.

DU No: RA0571

Etobo Innocent AHOUNOU, Koffi Mathias YAO, Kobenan Fiéni, Jean-Baptiste ADOU, Némé Antoine TAKO and Bialli SERI.

Journal of Research in Biology (2015) 5(7): 1874-1884

Constraints in the control of animal trypanosomiasis by cattle farmers in coastal savannah of Ghana: Quality aspects of drug use.

DU No: RA0368

Reuben K. Esena

Journal of Research in Biology (2013) 3(5): 1018-1031

Empirical validation of reliability of triangulation methods of mixed-method mode research: Quality improvement strategies for trypanosomiasis control. 

DU No: RA0367

Reuben K. Esena

Journal of Research in Biology (2013) 3(5): 1041-1053

Treatment of digestive tract ailments in cattle with herbal folk-medicines: A preliminary study in Ganjam District.

DU No: RA0322

Dibakar Mishra.

Journal of Research in Biology (2013) 3(2): 818-827

Cyclin D1 Gene Polymorphism in Egyptian Breast Cancer Women

DU No: RA0396

Ibrahim HAM, Ebied SA, Abd El-Moneim NA and Hewala TI.

Journal of Research in Biology (2013) 3(8): 1111-1121

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Journal of Research in Biology [ISSN: 2231 –6280; EISSN: 2231- 6299.]
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