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Journal of Research in Biology

ISSN Number:
Print: 2231 –6280; Online: 2231- 6299.

Journal of Research in Biology
Journal of Research in Biology is an international scientific journal committed to the development and spread of research in Biological sciences. It accepts research articles with affiliation to biological science from all around the globe and publishes them in the journal. The submitted articles are peer-reviewed by experts in the field and editorial board members.

Elite Editing 

We edite your research papers with elite design and professional softwares. Upon submission, the articles are checked completely for 3-4 times to avoid mistakes. The editing is done with professional softwares for making out the final format rather than doing it with classic MS Word, so that we are getting this aesthetic final look. 

Extensive Article Corrections

We go through three tier peer review process to publish articles without errors. Moreover, technical and formative corrections are done with specially trained staffs in our editorial office.
We tolerate no level of plagiarism and never entertain English errors. We also check references one by one and correct it appropriately.

Professional Indexings

The journal is indexed with more than 50 indexers, we also send hard copy abstracts to university libraries and college departments. We are moving towards more indexing so that the articles can get more number of citations in the future.

Unlimited Citations

The articles published in the Journal of Research in Biology has come out with innumerable citations. The reason for citations are extensive indexing and hardcopy abstracts kept on university libraries. We have more than 500 articles published and with H-index: 5

Easy manuscript submission

The manuscripts could be submitted easily throught the email "" or through the submission form

Flexible Time Period

We publish your artilce in a rapid turnaround time not leaving any of the process. We do peer review process and edit your article without mistakes, yet we keep less time for doing this process.

Elite Texts

We publish only elite texts, the artilces hould be with scientific thrust, English quality, social application, deliverance in thought and with no mistakes. So, the texts become reliable than any normal journal which go for publsihing without peer review process.

Global Participation

We have editors from about 30 countries and authors form more or less 25 countries. We publish about 60% of foreign text and is distributes in about 20 countries popularly. 

Featured Article

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Journal of Research in Biology

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